Global Fusion, Mumbai

At Marol, Mumbai

My board results were out and I passed my 12th, so I wanted to treat myself by visiting a new place for lunch.

With a good rating on Zomato, I thought of giving this one a try. As soon as I entered this place, I was like WOW! This restro is huge and has a great atmosphere what a good restaurant should have ! A very impressive entrance with fish tanks under the floor. So, the ambiance was great.

One could notice that there are different counters for starters, main course, sushi etc., and this place has a different way for ordering your starters. You have to go to the starter counters and choose your dish. Beside the dish, there are pieces of paper kept in which the name of that particular dish is written. Take that paper and give it to the server/waiter of your table. Quite interesting, isn’t it !

Well, there were sooooo many varieties of dishes especially the sushis!! I tried all my best to try each and every dish but still some were left out. For the starters, I tried Chicken Fried Wings, Chicken Coriander Dumpling, Garlic Fish, Baked Cheese Prawn, Iceberg Chicken, Baked Fish, Chicken Hot n Sour Soup, Biscuit Potato, and Reshmi Aloo. I really liked Garlic Fish and Chicken Fried Wings and the others were just ok-ok. After trying so many starters, I went on to try the Sushis! 😀

This was the first time I tasted Sushis. As per my taste, this was out of my league. It was ok in taste, but for me, I’ll try my best to ignore this one if I encounter it again somewhere else. The Sushis I had were Corn Gunkan Sushi, Gunkan Sushi (NonVeg), Kappa Maki, Prawns Sushi, Turkey Nigri, Vietnami Roll along with some Soba Noodles. Sushi tastes great when eaten with soy sauce. As I have an allergy from soy sauce, I dared not to try out along with it. Though the Sushis looked great, its taste was just ok, for me.

The good thing about this restro is that there is a lot space to walk around which helped me to digest some of the food I had. ;P

Now the main course! In the main course, the dishes were Veg Pulao, White Sauce Pasta, Veg Thai Green Curry with Steam Rice, Dal Tadka, Dal Makhani, a Crab dish (I don’t remember the name of the dish), Murg Handi, Rogan Josh, Punjabi Dum Aloo and Amritsari Chhole. That’s it! I had one spoonful of each dish because I only wanted to taste them. The main course was really good! Punjabi Dum Aloo and Amritsari Chhole were really tasty and the same goes for Veg Thai Green Curry with Steam Rice. My mom had Rogan Josh and the Crab dish and according to her, they were good. Now, my stomach was full, it was the time to walk around again to make some space for the desserts in my belly.

For the desserts, there were different flavoured Jellies, Plum Cake, Choco ball, Gulab Jamun, Blueberry Cheesecake and Baskin-Robbins Ice-creams. Except the ice-creams, I tasted everything. The jellies were ok but the coconut flavoured one was the best. Plum cake was as usual, simple and sweet. Gulab Jamun and Blueberry Cheesecake were also ok.

After having a lot of stuff here, my experience was good and my belly was very satisfied. Before visiting this place, I didn’t know that this restro was a buffet place. So, I want to warn everyone before visiting that you will be encountering a lot of good food here, I repeat, a LOT!


Food: 4/5

Ambiance: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Total Experience: 4.5/5

A really good place to visit with family for a lunch. I’m sure I’ll visit this one again and I’ll be prepared this time.



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