L14, Renaissance Hotel, Lucknow

At Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

My uncle had come to visit me in Lucknow and he wanted to have a good family dinner in a good restaurant. L14 was the first restro that came to my mind for good food and service. I had read a lot of reviews on Zomato and majority of the people had recommended this place. So, without missing the opportunity, we visited this buffet restro for dinner.
As the hotel can be spotted near Gomti Riverfront, it is easy to find this place. The restro, which is on the 14th floor of the hotel, has a very simple and classy ambiance. We got a table easily as the place wasn’t much crowded. One of my uncle, who is Chef De Partie, recommended various dishes for us to try out.
First, a mocktail was served along with the starters: Blue Curacao. This drink was good. Added with lemon and mint, it had a taste of a Mojito yet different by the look.
As the restro had a buffet, this review is only of the dishes I had .
Mutton Seekh Kebab: I’m not a huge fan of Seekh Kebabs, but the one served here was really amazing.
Customised Salad: There is a salad station where the guest gets to create his/her own salad according to his/her taste. I had some lettuce leaves, Shawarma mixture and some Chicken Salami.
Arrabiata Pasta: Another counter for having a pasta of your choice. I asked the chef for this one. The pasta was good and so was the sauce.
Shepherd’s Pie: For the first time I tried Shepherd’s Pie and it wasn’t a good experience. As the taste was new to me, I wasn’t satisfied. Maybe if I’ll have the same dish again somewhere else, I may be able to compare.
Thai Yellow Chicken Curry: I love Thai food and I was very happy to have this dish here. The curry was tasty & the chicken too tasted great.
Chicken Breast with Mushroom Jus: Chicken made along with mushrooms was the best thing for me. I love Chicken and I like Mushrooms too. This dish was amazing!
Mix Fruit Crumble: I’m not really into cakes or any other bakery stuff but this Fruit Crumble made me change my mind. It was so crumbly and soft, and the taste was very nice.
Tiramisu: As I’m a coffee fan, this dessert is my favourite by default. And believe me, I had two of them here. It was that good!
Chocolate Brownie: It was ok. I don’t like chocolate. Maybe a chocolate lover would love this brownie.
English Pound Cake: Just a regular cake which tasted ok to me.
Lemon Tart: I had a lot of expectation from these tarts as they were looking wonderful! But after the first bite, all those expectations were gone. By the taste anyone could tell that the lemon flavouring was added too much and it made the tarts way too sour.



Food: 4/5
Service : 4/5
Ambience : 4/5
Total Experience : 4/5
An amazing restaurant with full value of money…. Complete ‘paisa-vasool’ 🙂

L 14 - Renaissance Lucknow Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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