Big Yellow Door, New Delhi

At GTB Nagar, New Delhi.


I visited this place along with close relatives who recommended me to try out this café. We came here for dinner. As it was weekend, the place was crowded but we managed to get ourselves a table. Dim lights with a beautiful ambiance can be seen at a lot of cafés/ restros nowadays. There is very less space around the tables for the guests, even the servers, to move.

We ordered Virgin Mojito, Green Apple Mojito, Chocolate Shake, Cheesy Fries, Loaded Nachos, Creamy Cheese Sauce Penne Pasta & Lusty Margarita (Pizza)

Except Virgin Mojito, the shake & Green Apple Mojito were really good. Virgin Mojito was way too sour and tasted more like Nimbu Soda.

Green Apple Mojito

Cheesy Fries: Fries is the only thing I would like to have any time. And as the Cheesy Fries are famous at this place, so it was mandatory to order it. The quantity was good and taste was great! The fries were perfect, as it was not too salty, soggy or oily which is always an issue at many places.

Loaded Nachos: I love nachos so I decided to order it. Trust me if you are visiting this place alone don’t order this dish because it so heavy you won’t be able to eat it all by yourself, except if you’re very hungry. I loved this one but I wasn’t able to eat it by myself.


Creamy Cheese Sauce Penne Pasta: White sauce penne pasta overloaded with cheese is always the best. The one served here was great.

Lusty Margarita (Pizza): Classic Margarita pizza with sliced tomatoes and fresh basil leaves on top (what the description said on the menu card). The pizza was good but I wasn’t able to find any basil in it, which was disappointing. Even though the taste was good but the quantity of basil should be kept in mind.


The service was quick.


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Total Experience: 3.5/5

This is a very nice café to visit if visiting GTB Nagar.

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